Interior Ministry

2018.10.22 05:09

Separate law ‘On Counteracting Domestic Violence’ no longer feasible

2018.07.30 10:50

Interior Ministry on crimes committed by foreigners during visa-free travel

2018.06.25 12:38

Picture of Belarus’ gomophobic Interior Minister at gay parades in USA, Canada

2018.06.06 16:52

‘Illegal armed formation elimination’: Belarus siloviki getting ready for European Games

2018.05.31 15:16

Minsk activist protests against Belarus Interior Ministry’s double standards

2018.05.25 08:08 Video

‘It is you who are fake’: LGBT activist protests against Belarus officials’ gay-bashing

2018.05.23 13:34 Video

Lukashenka promotes notorious colonel who quelled protests in 2010

2018.05.22 14:05 Video

Foreign media: Belarus leader sets example to homophobes

2018.04.19 21:00

Minister Shunevich spoke on drones that disappeared during Freedom Day

2018.04.18 08:12

Russian citizenship without language exam: Belarusians, Ukrainians eligible

2017.12.27 09:07

New Belarusian passports will feature famous buildings

2017.11.01 17:08

Belarusians will be allowed to have two passports

2017.10.25 10:38 Video

‘Sometimes unconditional submission is needed’. Interior Minister about bullying in Belarus army

2017.10.20 15:55

Russia’s Interior Ministry: Checkpoints may appear on border with Belarus

2017.08.17 11:15 Video

‘Forced labour’: Human rights defender about Interior Minister’s initiative