Ihar Shunevich

2019.05.23 09:38

Drones, protests unwanted: Lukashenka for ‘heartwarming’ European Games (ENG video)

2019.05.17 12:12

‘They shall not pass!’ UK Embassy flying rainbow flag, Belarus ministry still outraged

2019.04.09 14:24

Belarus expels top Latvian historian blacklisted by Russia

2019.03.05 08:23 Photos

Ankle boots, black hats and Interior Minister. Police Day parade in Hrodna

2019.02.22 11:37

Human rights defenders set to bring Belarus Interior Minister to book for homophobia

2019.01.15 06:25

Human rights activists want to draw Interior Minister to responsibility for homophobia

2018.12.06 11:31 Video

Coming out of the year: Belarus Interior Minister behind statue slapping row

2018.06.25 12:38

Picture of Belarus’ gomophobic Interior Minister at gay parades in USA, Canada

2018.05.10 11:02 Photos

Soviet Russia sentiment in full view: Belarus Interior Minister in NKVD uniform on Victory Day

2018.04.30 14:35

Viktar Lukashenka, Russia’s Prosecutor General son open motoseason in Minsk

2018.03.28 11:44

Any unauthorised rally will be dispersed – Belarus Interior Minister

2018.03.02 10:10 Video

Interior Minister Shunevich promised to create more enterprises employing former prisoners

2017.10.25 10:38 Video

‘Sometimes unconditional submission is needed’. Interior Minister about bullying in Belarus army

2017.08.17 11:15 Video

‘Forced labour’: Human rights defender about Interior Minister’s initiative

2017.08.16 09:19

Belarus Interior Minister set to create jobs for ex-cons in kolkhozes