Hrodna Azot

Detained employees of Hrodna Azot put in KGB jail
Six workers remain behind bars
More strike participants detained at state enterprises
Employees of Hrodna Azot, BMZ, MTZ and Belarusian Railways were checked by police
Hrodna Azot management prepares for fourth package of EU sanctions
Hrodna Azot preparing for new EU sanctions
Hrodna Azot director threatens to dismiss all who supported strike
A reserve of specialists has been formed for Hrodna Azot, so the workers who hinder the work of the plant will be suspended from their duties.
Thousand people on strike in Hrodna Azot (photos)
A regular meeting of the committee of workers of Hrodna Azot, who are on strike, started on August 19, at 10:00.
At crossroads: Belarusians striking and protesting (photos, video)
Belarusian enterprises continue to be involving in protest activity. Many plants and factories are a footstep away from striking, and some are looking for other forms of resistance.
Workers go on strike all over Belarus
Workers, doctors and even museum staff are on strike.