House of representatives

2019.12.06 15:11

President’s alleged favourite diving into parliamentary work

2019.12.05 12:09

Lukashenka about integration rumours: Belarus has no intention to be part of Russia

2019.12.04 12:04

Lukashenka claims parliamentary opposition lacked election support

2019.11.12 11:58

Early voting begins in Belarus

2019.11.04 08:14

Another activist of ‘European Belarus’ removed from election

2019.10.30 06:40

‘European Belarus’ activists banned from election

2019.10.24 13:53

Belarus authorities bar man from running for MP seat due to his studying in Poland

2019.09.23 14:20

Toast to president: Opposition MP about ‘parliamentary’ partying

2019.09.11 10:38

Minsk teachers collect signatures for Lukashenka favourite’s nominating for deputy?

2019.09.10 12:41

Lukashenka’s favourite may become MP

2019.08.06 07:14

Lukashenka sets dates for parliamentary elections in Belarus

2019.07.30 12:32

One step to setting Belarus parliamentary election dates

2019.06.27 04:45

Belarusian MPs promptly adopt controversial law on draft deferment

2019.06.14 06:01

Belarusian drug legislation finally amended

2019.06.11 07:46

Belarusian drug legislation to be revised