Germany suspends Nord Stream 2 certification
They found flaws in the documents
Belarus and Russia sign protocol on gas prices for 2022
They will be determined by Gazprom
Lukashenka and Putin agree on gas price for Belarus
The meeting lasted more than five hours.
Police detain entire family by putting tear gas inside apartment
The family was released, the daughter’s friend was jailed for 15 days.
Belarus agrees with Russia on favorable terms for oil and gas
Prime Minister Raman Halouchanka said this to journalists during his visit to Belaruskali
Russia and Belarus agree on oil supplies for 2021
Moscow and Minsk have agreed on the terms of Russian oil supplies in 2021. The formula for calculating the price of raw materials and the volume of supplies will remain the same, Kommersant reports with reference to Reuters.
Protests in Belarus may create problems for Gazprom
A report prepared in the run-up to another issue of Gazprom’s eurobonds has appeared in Russian media outlets.
Brutal detentions in Homiel: Tear gas and firing in air
On Sunday, People’s Inauguration March was also held in Homiel, the second largest city in Belarus.
Gazprom unwilling to reduce gas prices for Belarus yet
Only after Minsk settles the debt for gas supplied, Moscow will agree to negotiate discounting, news agency Interfax reports with reference to Russian gas giant Gazprom.
Another EAEC country asks Russia to lower gas price
Earlier Putin refused Belarus and Armenia.
Putin rejects Belarusian and Armenian proposal on gas tariffs
He stressed that in order to use the unified gas tariff formula, a different level of integration is needed in the EAEC.
Lukashenka outraged at Russia selling natural gas to Germany at low price
According to Lukashenka, European countries buy Russian gas at a price almost half as low as Belarus.
Belarus PM set to seek discount on gas from Russia
Belarus stands a good chance to agree with Russia on a ‘fair’ gas price, Prime Minister Syarhei Rumas told journalists on Thursday.