Freedom Day-2018

2018.05.11 12:24

Belsat TV host to stand trial in Hrodna

2018.03.29 12:39

Art director persecuted for street theatre participating in Freedom Day authorised event

2018.03.27 14:18

Vitsebsk region: Trials of activists detained on Freedom Day

2018.03.27 08:25

Belarus authorities’ response to Freedom Day ‘disproportionate’ – EU

2018.03.26 13:41 Video

Belarus human rights community: At least 110 people detained on Freedom Day

2018.03.26 12:32 Video

Freedom Day aftermath: Human rights defenders facing trial

2018.03.25 12:19 Photos

From Chicago to Phuket: sports activities in honor of # 100BNR (map and photos)

2018.03.25 09:34 Video

Freedom Day: Belsat TV crew detained; cameraman taken to mental hospital

2018.03.24 08:59 Video

‘No independent Ukraine without independent Belarus’: Verkhovna Rada congratulated Belarusians on Freedom Day

2018.03.23 09:34

Wave of arrests in Minsk: European Belarus activist detained

2018.03.23 09:01 Photos

#100BNR: Let’s celebrate it together on Belsat

2018.03.22 12:28 Video

‘Heroes Do Not Die’. Iconic musician’s new video premieres on Belsat TV

2018.03.21 14:55

Minsk police after Lukashenka’s former rival

2018.03.16 07:02

Program of the March 25 BPR festival in Minsk

2018.03.08 13:55

Belarusians of the world to hold ‘intercontinental’ race on Freedom Day