foreign policy

2020.01.22 14:52

Trump administration may expand travel restrictions to Belarus – WSJ

2020.01.22 12:26

US Secretary of State to come to Belarus in February

2019.12.13 07:16

EU prolongs sanctions against Russia

2019.10.30 12:45

Like Peter the Great: Lukashenka set to drill window to Europe

2019.10.28 14:21 Video

US general Hodges about Crimean fate and Belarus (ENG video)

2019.10.23 14:14

Fidel Castro is example to many other country leaders – Lukashenka

2019.10.07 11:05 Video

Belarus unwilling to be part of NATO-Russia conflict – Pentagon ex-rep (interview)

2019.09.26 15:59

Well-known Polish politician to take helm of EP delegation for relations with Belarus

2019.09.26 08:56

‘Unpleasant episode’: Lavrov about Russian air base in Belarus

2019.09.16 10:18 Video

Latvian president about Belarus, Russia, EU and hockey (exclusive interview to Belsat TV)

2019.09.04 12:09

Russia-Ukraine prisoner exchange: New date set?

2019.09.04 10:49

‘Dubious narrative’: Bulgaria about USSR role in liberating Europe

2019.08.16 14:41

Russian exporters gain extra $900 mln owing to US oil sanctions – Bloomberg

2019.06.25 15:11

Pole gets heavy sentence in Russia over ‘espionage’

2019.06.07 09:10

New Russian ambassador opens up about his work principles