foreign policy

2019.04.29 13:36

Zelenskiy to Putin: Don’t bait Ukrainians with Russian passports

2019.03.15 12:03

MFA outraged at Russia envoy’s interview: Belarus is no federal district

2019.03.11 12:57

Data now available on world’s largest weapons exporters

2019.02.19 09:35

Kremlin set to destroy Ukraine’s statehood – Poroshenko

2019.02.18 09:40

‘Neighbours given by God’. Belarus will be reliable partner for EU – prdt

2019.02.08 15:16

MPs ban Russian citizens from monitoring elections in Ukraine

2019.02.05 11:01

Belarus MFA: Cooperation with Russia could have been more effective

2019.01.10 09:10

Austrian minister who danced with Putin coming to Belarus

2019.01.10 07:00

Ukraine will not register Russian election observers

2018.11.13 07:37

Separatist ‘republics’ should be dismantled – USA about ‘elections’ in Donbas

2018.11.09 06:58

CSTO members fail to select new Secretary General in Astana

2018.11.08 14:02

Former PM to take part in Armistice Day event in Paris instead of Lukashenka

2018.06.28 12:00

Russia looking to appoint ‘ambassador of war’ in Belarus

2018.04.23 10:12

Serbia receives four MiG-29 fighter jets from Belarus

2018.04.05 11:28

Long friendship: Letter from al-Assad given into Lukashenka’s hands