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Polish football fans watch match from inside cage

2019.02.15 08:25

Arsenal loses 1-0 to BATE in Europa League (video)

2018.11.30 10:18

Threat over: Allegedly wrongly accused Tajik athlete leaves Belarus for Ukraine

2018.09.10 13:14 Photos

Belarus police give no peace to fans, athletes over historical white-red-white flags

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Maradona leaving Dynamo Brest for Mexican second division club?

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Who Has Not Become Millionaire: German policeman unaware of Maradona’s adventure in Belarus

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Dynamo Brest: Maradona has done his duty, let him go?

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Minsk ‘Dinamo’ loses to FC Zenit in Russia

2018.08.10 09:03

FC Dinamo Minsk defeats Russia’s Zenit 4:0

2018.08.07 07:37

BATE may play against Dutch PSV

2018.07.17 06:39

Diego Maradona arrives in Belarus (PHOTO)

2018.07.09 15:09

Sports Minister promised to meet with Maradona ‘if needed’

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Football pseudo-fans storm Belarusian border

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How many Belarusians really support Russian football team?

2018.06.20 12:30

Home Games: Movie made with participation of Belsat at Odesa International Film Festival