2019.07.16 07:45

Two Kurapaty defenders heavily fined

2019.07.12 13:28

Belsat TV contributors to pay fine to state budget

2019.06.11 10:14

‘Bloodymir’: Belarus artist fined over anti-Putin performance

2019.05.17 13:53

Belarusian economist fined over participating in Chernobyl Path rally

2019.05.15 15:13

Man in Russia fined for photo of graffiti about Putin

2019.03.29 13:39

Heavy fine slapped on protester who chained herself to post on Freedom Day

2018.12.13 08:48

Politician Pavel Sevyarynets detained in Kurapaty

2017.08.01 17:23

Activist fined for picketing against Belarus’ hosting military exercise Zapad-2017

2017.05.15 10:51

Belsat TV journalist $500 fined

2017.02.14 08:56

‘Russian World’ vocal supporters reportedly fined for holding picket in downtown Minsk (UPD)

2016.11.24 10:33

Minsk: Ex-political prisoner fined for action of solidarity with arrested blogger

2015.10.28 11:35

Opposition leader fined 9 mln rubles for ‘National Flag Rally’