2019.07.31 10:01

Brest court fines Belsat TV contributors in absentia

2019.07.05 16:24

Kurapaty defenders heavily fined for ‘disobedience to police’

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Belarusian priest fined over participating in Chernobyl Path rally

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‘Insulting police’. Hefty fine slapped on Belarus blogger

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Unlocking Belsat TV secrets: It’s just the beginning!

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Costly bird feeding: Brest journos fined for covering protest

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Journalist Ales Kirkevich to face trial for story shown on Belsat

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HRC Viasna: Belsat TV journalists got heaviest fines in 2018

2018.10.22 15:15 Video

Zhabinka: Belsat TV crew heavily fined over reporting mass pig loss

2018.09.24 09:02

Cameraman Syarhei Kavaliou fined for livestream

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Belsat TV reporter fined for taking part in press conference

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Being Belsat TV journalist: Not a month without a fine

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Smalyavichy: Authorities fine reporter for covering social problems

2018.09.04 10:20 Photos

Minsk: Journalist fined for pictures of men celebrating Paratroopers’ Day in fountain

2018.08.31 13:01

Making photos goes beyond journo duties – Belarus police to Belsat TV reporter