Music teacher heavily fined for sharing Belsat article on web in 2019
Two more criminal cases filed against activist Alena Hnauk who remains under arrest
She was supposed to leave the TDF but never did
Slonim resident fined for 'disregarding' national anthem
Almost 300 rubles for ‘violating national anthem requirements’
Penal colony instead of correctional facility: Ihar Bantser’s punishment might be upgraded
The administration of Vitsebsk-based open-type correctional facility Nr 9, where political prisoner Ihar Bantser is being kept, is seeking to place him in a penal colony. Bantser is accused of repeatedly violating the rules of serving his sentence.
Political leader Seviarynets transported to Shklou prison
His wife Volha wrote about it on Facebook recently
Judge who handled murder case of Pavel Sheremet found dead near Kyiv
Belarusian fighter Alyaksei Kudzin sentenced to 2.5 years in jail over participating in protests
On August 11, Maladzechna district court passed a verdict in the high-profile case of boxer and MMA fighter Alyaksei Kudzin, who was detained in Russia at the beginning of 2021.
11.08.2021 editor Iryna Novik heavily fined
Iryna Novik, the editor of special projects at, was detained on Tuesday morning when she came to the police station after being called in over the phone; her flat was searched on the same day.
‘Propaganda of Nazism’: Babruysk journo fined over sharing video on web
On Monday, Babruysk-based journalist Uladzimir Repik was tried in a local court. Now the journalist is free.
Since March 1 courts fined 55 mothers over 116K rubles
The police detained more than 250 women under new articles for participation in peaceful protests in Belarus
Zhdanovichy resident heavily fined for two stickers in elevator
Yuliya Hrynevich, 54, was fined 1,160 rubles for stickers in the elevator
Women detained in sauna outside Zhodzina fined almost 46K rubles
Women who were detained in a sauna in Zhodzina faced trial