2019.04.05 06:02

Russian soldiers have superpowers Russian Defense Ministry journal claims

2019.03.27 06:17 Video

Facebook deletes over 1,900 fake pages originating in Russia

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Russian media outlet publishes false story about Belarus and NATO

2019.01.22 11:09

Is annexation of Belarus really imminent? Interview with Edward Lucas

2019.01.17 12:34

‘Russians attacked!’ Belarus as new target of Kremlin media, trolls (ENG video)

2018.12.07 12:38

‘I am terribly ashamed’. Minsk resident appears as Ukrainian in fake news story

2018.12.06 08:02

Russia is major source of disinformation – European Commission official

2018.09.17 05:14

Facebook against Russian propaganda

2018.08.03 08:53

Blog 1863x.com pranks Russian ‘insider’ Telegram channel

2018.06.12 13:33

Two attacks in row: Pro-Russian hackers going after after Belarus officials?