European Games

2019.07.09 10:21

How many foreigners came to see European Games in Minsk?

2019.07.02 06:12

Berlin passes resolution on Belarus on occasion of European Games

2019.06.25 13:36

Lukashenka invites Putin to European Games closing ceremony

2019.06.24 14:23

Poland to host 3rd European Games in 2023

2019.06.24 12:04 Photos

Tricolors and dino-goose at European Games fan zone

2019.06.24 10:04

Kosovo issue as killjoy: Lukashenka was ‘close to tears’ – Serbian leader

2019.06.17 11:01

Belarus bans transporting ‘radionuclide sources’ during European Games

2019.06.14 06:13

Police place 2nd European Games sports village under 24/7 protection

2019.05.23 11:47

Belarus to allow foreigners use medical marijuana and amphetamine during European Games

2019.05.23 09:38

Drones, protests unwanted: Lukashenka for ‘heartwarming’ European Games (ENG video)

2019.05.21 13:17

Close to European Games: Drones, ‘unauthorized events’ out of Lukashenka’s favour

2019.05.20 12:43 Photos

Hrodna: Olympic champions carrying European Games flame

2019.05.10 13:41

Hotline for journos: Watchdogs press for safe reporting during 2nd European Games

2019.03.29 10:58

‘I hate informing’. Belarusian KGB tries to recruit activist

2019.03.01 08:33

Belarus Interior Ministry mulls over life disqualification of drunk drivers