2019.09.16 10:18 Video

Latvian president about Belarus, Russia, EU and hockey (exclusive interview to Belsat TV)

2019.09.12 13:11

Russia as main ally, EU as trade partner. Lukashenka welcomes diplomats

2019.09.10 06:53

President of Lithuania wants border with Belarus, not Russia

2019.08.26 10:16

Opposition Communists propose 7-hour working day

2019.08.06 13:30

EU diplomacy chief may come to Belarus

2019.08.05 14:54

Belarus, EU to sign visa facilitation agreement this fall – Andrea Wiktorin

2019.08.02 14:07

Lukashenka expands visa-free zones in western Belarus

2019.08.01 07:05 Video

Europe condemns another death sentence in Belarus

2019.07.29 10:59

Riga first? Lukashenka сontemplating visit to EU

2019.07.24 13:14

Belarus-EU agreement may be signed before increasing Schengen visa fee

2019.07.10 11:02

Dirk Schuebel may become new head of EU Delegation to Belarus

2019.07.05 17:27

Only 10% of Belarusians have negative stance towards EU

2019.06.27 04:16

Russia to retain embargo on European product imports in 2020

2019.05.20 13:03

Visa facilitation agreement between Belarus and EU to be signed soon

2019.05.15 12:18 Video

Belarus FM in Brussels: ‘One country’ hinders our moving towards EU