Belarusians face bank problems in EU

Council of Europe suspends relations with Belarus Starting from March 17

Prime Ministers of Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia will meet Zelensky in Kyiv On March 15, Russian troops began shelling Kyiv

EU leaders say ‘yes’ to Ukraine’s European integration The EU also promises political, financial, material, and humanitarian support

EU considers Lukashenka’s regime coaggressor in Russia’s war against Ukraine Europe urges Belarus to comply with international obligations

Russia compiles list of ‘unfriendly states’ It includes practically all the countries of Europe

Tsikhanouskaya discusses with EU diplomats visas for Belarusians EU will continue issuing visas to Belarusians

European Parliament accepts Ukraine’s bid for EU membership

EU comments on referendum in Belarus EU is concerned with the process

EU sanctions against Russia. What are they? A wide range of individual and economic EU sanctions

EU imposes sanctions against Belarusian officials and military officers EU publishes sanctions list against invaders

Lithuania urges EU to discuss sanctions against Minsk and Moscow Lithuania says Belarus is occupied

Two more Belarusian banks hit by EU sanctions Minsk has already promised a response

Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya attends Munich Security Conference Her first meeting was with European Commissioner for Home Affairs

Several hundred Belarusians might be included in EU’s next package of sanctions