2019.12.10 13:43

EU may adopt ‘Magnitsky Act’ counterpart

2019.12.03 15:38

I am ardent supporter of EU in spite of sanctions – Lukashenka

2019.11.29 10:22

Moscow sociologists: Nearly 90% of Belarusians in favour of alliance with Russia

2019.11.27 11:50

Belarus-EU visa facilitation, readmission agreements may be signed in 2019

2019.11.25 11:53

Lukashenka unwilling to put signing Belarus-EU agreements on back burner

2019.11.20 14:34

Gazprom offers Kyiv contract extension for waiver

2019.11.13 13:56

Belarus FM: Russia is main ally, but we strive for good relations with EU

2019.11.13 13:04

Lukashenka visits Austria: More than just business

2019.11.13 11:22

Visit to Austria: Investment as Belarus delegation’s priority

2019.11.13 10:15

Lukashenka in Vienna: Death penalty and $1 bn projects

2019.11.12 11:33

Look who’s back: Belarus leader visiting EU member state (photos)

2019.11.11 12:30

EU trying to pry Belarus out of Kremlin shadow as Putin’s embrace tighten – Bloomberg

2019.11.08 15:58

Belarus–EU agreement depends on BelNPP solution

2019.10.24 09:09

10 years of Belarus’ participating in Eastern Partnership: What is to come?

2019.10.21 13:53

Yet Austria: Belarus president to visit EU for first time in three years