2016.10.04 14:33

‘Don’t stir up protests!’ Entrepreneurs’ leader calls Belarus authorities for dialogue

2016.03.24 09:25

Democratization in Belarusian style: Minsk court considering 17 cases of protesters

2016.03.15 09:01 Video

Belsat TV anchorman tried for participating in rally claims he was in Poland at that moment

2016.03.14 09:28 Video

Belarusian entrepreneurs protesting at Government House in Minsk

2016.03.07 20:02 Video

Authorities ban protest of entrepreneurs

2016.03.03 11:12 Video

Opposition politician Lyabedzka not to hold protest rally on March, 14

2016.02.29 09:12 Video

“Belarus officials never cut own salaries, they need scapegoats” – protesters in Minsk

2016.02.23 12:41

March of Entrepreneurs may be held in Minsk

2016.02.22 12:12 Photos

Rally in Minsk: Market vendors, opposition show no-confidence in Lukashenka (photos)

2016.02.22 11:56 Video

Protest action: Belarus entrepreneurs shield opposition leader from police (video)

2016.02.22 09:35 Updated

‘Step down!’ Market vendors’ protest against Lukashenka’s decree in Minsk

2016.02.18 07:48

Sanctions lifted, protesters fined: Opposition leader Lyabedzka punished for solidarity

2016.02.15 10:38

Participants of entrepreneurs’ protest action demand Belsat TV accreditation

2016.02.15 08:55

Self-employed businessmen hold rally to protest against Lukashenka’s decree. No arrests

2016.02.09 12:19

Lukashenka about market vendors’ strikes: I am not the boy to be fooled