2016.05.20 03:21 Video

Lukashenka good teacher: Ex-presidential opposition candidate fudges pre-election data?

2016.02.12 13:25 Video

Belarus expert group to review OSCE recommendations

2015.11.27 06:55

Belarus still has long way to go in honouring its commitment to hold democratic elections – PACE

2015.10.26 23:36 Video

Paradox of Belarusian province: 92% support Lukashenka in poor region

2015.10.20 22:28 Video

Lukashenka takes revenge on opposition and independent observers

2015.10.19 15:36

Belarus chief elections official promises next vote count be visible to observers

2015.10.14 08:04 Video

17-year-old protester detained after election-2015: Belarusians might disappear

2015.10.14 07:13

Belarus presidential election: ‘Neither free nor fair, despite lack of violence’ – UN rights expert

2015.10.14 07:03

Baranavichy election commission member files complaint over vote count violations

2015.10.12 12:00

OSCE observers disappointed at Belarusian vote: Country has long way to go till democratic elections

2015.10.12 09:25

Five persons arrested for post-election protesting in Minsk

2015.10.12 07:38

Belarus wide-eyed: Observer has nerve not to shake hands with Lukashenka

2015.10.12 03:47

How elections are rigged in Belarus. Evidence from observer

2015.10.11 20:56

Police find whipping boy: 17-year-old Yahor Skrabneuski detained

2015.10.11 20:20 Video

Lukashenka winning in West – Polish journalist