2019.10.31 15:01

Back in USSR? Military training instructors may appear in Belarusian schools

2019.09.27 17:23

Two Polish teachers forced to leave Belarus

2019.09.03 09:06

11-year compulsory schooling to be introduced in Belarus

2019.06.26 09:29

Ban on foreign trips, no go for public service: Authorities want more army conscripts

2019.06.19 07:24

Italian visits Belarus to explore mountains and much more

2019.05.10 05:48

Lithuanian government grants EHU special status

2019.03.31 12:35

Minsk schoolchildren to be lectured on unity of Belarus and Russia

2019.03.18 09:05

‘Kids unable to fire grenade’. Russia MP pushes for basic military training in schools

2019.02.26 07:07

Education Minister wants to limit schoolchildren’s access to mobile phones

2019.02.06 06:15

Number of university students in Belarus down by more than third

2018.10.26 11:15

Disguised intolerance? Black people disappear from Social Studies textbook cover

2018.10.03 08:25

Lukashenka’s alma mater opens Hall of Fame

2018.07.31 12:37

German linguist’s rewarding experience in Belarus volunteer camp

2018.07.24 16:53

Newcomer’s impressions: ‘Belarus resembles Syria, but there’s no war.’

2018.04.02 14:05

President okays transition to secondary education in Latvian