2019.01.21 06:55 Інфаграфіка

EU offers to invest € 1 billion in Belarusian roads

2018.01.30 14:02

Lukashenka: Belarus is vocal supporter of strong EU

2018.01.30 08:32

EU Commissioner Hahn to meet with both Lukashenka and opposition

2017.12.04 10:04 Video

FM Lavrov praises ‘big role’ of Belarus in countering ‘Russia-bashing’ at EaP summit

2017.11.24 12:29 Video

Protesters call Europe’s attention to disappeared Belarus politicians

2017.11.24 10:48

EaP summit: Belsat asks FM Makey about EU-Belarus agreement, Astravets NPP

2017.11.24 08:54 Video

EaP summit kicks off in Brussels. Lukashenka no-show

2017.11.21 10:12 Video

Lukashenka not to participate in EaP summit. Reason unreported

2017.10.10 14:36

Lukashenka standing chance to represent Belarus at upcoming EaP summit?

2016.07.12 09:30

Kyiv wants to establish single economic space with Belarus