2018.12.26 16:28

The Church On A Cross: How Belarusian priest slept in box

2017.11.03 15:28 Video

‘Listapad’ film festival opens in Minsk

2016.11.25 07:59

Co-produced by Belsat: Film about Crimean Tatars deportation awarded at festival in Amsterdam

2016.08.03 10:35 Video

Belsat TV documentary to open Provinziale film festival in Germany

2016.03.11 09:31 Video

‘Kastus Kalinouski. The Last Days’. Belsat TV to premiere film in Minsk

2016.02.05 13:42 Video

Belsat TV premiere: ‘Syarozha’ – documentary about Belarusian in Poland

2015.12.10 12:25 Video

Belsat turns 8 years old. Thank you for staying with us

2015.11.20 10:06

Belsat TV to premiere documentaries awarded at Bulbamovie film festival