2019.05.21 08:45

Russian activist arrested over conflict with Kremlin-controlled TV journo

2019.05.13 05:53

Ingush blogger Ismail Nalgiev expelled from Belarus without trial

2019.05.07 09:11

Minsk IT consultant detained allegedly over online flashmob

2019.04.29 09:49

Belarusian who refused to be KGB informant gets 15-day term over administrative offense

2019.04.08 10:54 Updated

Opposition activist Statkevich detained at prayer meeting in Minsk

2019.04.04 09:13 Updated

Belarus regime removing crosses at Stalin-era mass grave site near Minsk

2019.03.28 11:47

Zmitser Paliyenka goes on hunger strike

2019.03.26 10:18

In wake of Freedom Day: Several detainees still in prison

2019.03.26 07:03

All but one activists detained on Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk released

2019.03.25 10:52 Video

Minsk: Activist detained at authorised Freedom Day event. He called Lukashenka ‘impostor’

2019.03.20 15:57

Former political prisoner brutally detained in Minsk

2019.03.20 12:49 Updated

Criminal case looming? Reputed blogger arrested over alleged bomb threat

2019.03.18 10:12

Police disrupt event in Press Club Belarus detaining Russian journalists

2019.03.01 15:57

Minsk: Activists punished for supporting political prisoners

2019.02.05 12:40 Video

Innocent man gets beaten by police, confesses to theft he never committed