2019.02.05 12:40 Video

Innocent man gets beaten by police, confesses to theft he never committed

2019.01.30 09:01

Ex-political prisoner Dzmitry Paliyenka detained in Minsk

2019.01.23 09:07 Video

Minsk: Opposition activists detained after remembrance event

2018.12.13 08:48

Politician Pavel Sevyarynets detained in Kurapaty

2018.11.19 09:07

Absurd lengths: Minsk police after people for getting close to statue of policeman

2018.10.01 09:19

Hazardous battery plant in Brest: Two protesters to stand trial

2018.09.06 00:45

Detained politician Sevyarynets to face trial

2018.08.24 13:30 Video

Minsk police detain former political prisoner, activists

2018.08.22 13:18

German riot police detain Russian citizen suspected of terror attack planning

2018.08.02 08:42

Belarus citizen behind illegal migration channel to EU

2018.06.01 08:43 Будзе абнаўленне

Police detain activist who protested against opening restaurant near mass execution site

2018.01.29 02:51

Belarusian woman wanted by Interpol detained in Ukraine

2018.01.24 10:14

Extradition looming: Big businessman from Belarus arrested in Berlin