2019.10.15 05:28 Video

Can Belarusians participate in NATO exercises?

2019.10.11 13:08

Russian military to take part in drills in Brest

2019.09.16 05:51

Belarusian and Russian military ‘destroy’ common enemy

2019.08.15 12:30

Over 4K Belarusian soldiers to take part in Union Shield drills in Russia

2019.08.10 13:47

S-300 missile system accident near Polatsk

2019.06.26 09:29

Ban on foreign trips, no go for public service: Authorities want more army conscripts

2019.05.14 09:32

MoD purchases anti-UAV defense systems for Belarus army

2019.04.05 06:14

Moscow guarantees worthless Belarusian analyst says

2019.03.06 16:48

Belarus men may be barred from public service without active duty

2019.02.21 15:01

Belarusian army to remain partners with Russia’s, but improve relations with NATO

2019.02.07 11:00

Sweden thinks Russia is preparing for large-scale war

2019.01.29 13:30

Belarus army’s combat readiness check kicks off – MoD

2018.04.24 16:24

Over 1K military take part in drill near Baranavichy

2018.04.04 23:32 Updated

Soldier accidentally shot dead after ‘security violation’

2017.12.01 12:48

Russia to equip Belarus army in case of ‘growing threat to Union State’ – document