'social parasites' decree

2019.01.08 08:58

‘Scapegoats’: Homiel teachers forced to deliver ‘social parasites’ papers

2018.04.30 06:36

List of services covered in full by ‘social parasites’ now available

2018.01.26 05:06 Video

Lukashenka signs new employment decree with no ‘tax on parasites’ mentioned

2017.12.21 11:44 Video

We should make social parasites work – Lukashenka

2017.11.10 03:37

‘Social Parasites Decree’ to be amended

2017.09.14 13:09

Lukashenka: ‘Parasite’ decree not cancelled, make people work!

2017.07.07 14:38

Belarus authorities give ‘parasite tax’ money back. But not to all payers.