2019.04.04 09:13 Updated

Belarus regime removing crosses at Stalin-era mass grave site near Minsk

2019.03.25 09:52 Video

Minsk: Activist detained at authorised Freedom Day event. He called Lukashenka ‘impostor’

2017.06.09 10:14

KGB drops criminal charges against two White Legion case defendants

2017.05.04 12:07

Protester sentenced to year of corrective labour for pouring paint over Lenin bust

2017.04.17 09:20

Trend or one-off? Lukashenka starts releasing defendants in ‘armed militants’ case

2017.04.10 12:17

Minsk: Female activists heavily fined for participating in rally of Kurapaty defenders

2017.03.31 21:16

Lukashenka tightens screws: Dashkevich accused of training persons for participation in mass riots

2017.03.23 08:07

Money, cat disappeared: Arrested Young Front leader’s flat searched in absence of owners

2017.03.13 10:30

Kurapaty defender Zmitser Dashkevich released from Minsk prison

2017.03.10 09:51

Retaliation for Kurapaty defense: Ex-political prisoner Dashkevich on trial

2017.03.07 13:04

Belarus thaw goes full blast: Kurapaty defender arrested for 3 days

2017.03.06 10:03

Kurapaty defenders’ triumph: No construction near Stalin-era mass grave site

2017.03.03 14:35

Kurapaty defenders holding rally near Stalinist repressions victims grave site (video)

2017.03.02 07:31

Victory or breather? Developer taking building machines away from Kurapaty mass grave site

2017.01.30 16:02

Minsk: Former political prisoner $600 fined