cyber partisans

Belarusian Railways infrastructure under attack The purpose of the attack is to hinder the movement of troops

Investigators and cyber partisans name people responsible for Vitold Ashurak’s death Death may have been caused by medication or exhaustion

Cyber activists leak conversation where police chiefs tell judges how to punish protesters Another leak from the cyber partisans

Delta virus: New schemes and stats fraud Pricey medicine, secret victims, nepotism. Belarus fight against Coronavirus

‘Cyber partisans’ share results of their work More than 1 million minutes of audio recordings of the Interior Ministry were…

Cyber partisans hack police recordings with brutal orders They keep hacking into MIA databases

KGB head admits hacking attacks on officials The information came from cyber partisans

‘Cyber partisans’ claim hack of Interior Ministry’s drone video database The hackers continue what they call operation 'Heat' and "the largest…