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Can Belarusians participate in NATO exercises?

2019.05.23 08:08

Belarusian general approved for position of CSTO Secretary General

2019.03.11 06:05

Armenian MFA urges Minsk not to rush election of new CSTO Secretary General

2018.12.05 14:54

Pashinyan set to discuss CSTO prospects with Lukashenka

2018.11.13 10:33

Lukashenka appoints new envoy to Russia

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CSTO members fail to select new Secretary General in Astana

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Lukashenka’s female staff at CSTO summit: Beauty pageant winner dusting table

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Belarusian military to take part in CSTO drill in Kazakhstan

2018.07.26 15:05

Armenian PM: We set to discuss Belarus’ selling weapons to Azerbaijan

2018.01.31 13:54

Belarus hits world’s top 20 arms exporters – official

2017.11.30 14:01

CSTO set to hold joint anti-ISIS operation ‘Mercenary’ in 2018

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All CSTO leaders, including Putin, to take part in Minsk summit soon

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‘Lukashenka owes Putin’. Will Belarusian peacekeepers go to Syria?

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Leaders of CSTO member states to gather in Minsk

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World of CSTO spokesman: Hatred of Ukraine, praise on Stalin, maneuvers at Polish border