2016.06.01 03:55 Video

Gorbachev should be deprived of Nobel Prize for backing annexation of Crimea – dissident Bukovsky to Belsat TV

2016.05.31 05:02

Belarusian Railways to not carry passengers to Crimea in 2016

2016.05.30 10:29

Belarusian authorities advise against selling maps with ‘Russian’ Crimea

2016.05.24 11:10 Video

Medvedev to Crimean pensioners: No money in Russian budget! (video)

2016.05.23 03:08

Ukrainian MP outraged at Gorbachev’s backing Putin’s annexation of Crimea

2016.05.19 13:40

Belsat to show film banned in Russia

2016.05.19 06:07

When Will This Wind Stop: Warsaw, Belsat TV premiere film about Crimean Tatars deportation

2016.05.18 06:30 Video

In the wake of Eurovision-2016: Crimean Days on Belsat TV

2016.05.17 02:34 Фота дня

Eurovision winner Jamala becomes Ukraine’s People Artist

2016.05.11 09:03 Video

‘Russian regime acts like Stalin’: Ukrainian MPs urge EU, UN to remember genocide of Crimean Tatars

2016.05.03 01:12 Video

Whose land is Crimea? Pro-Lukashenka organisation activist on both sides of the fence

2016.04.08 16:45

Makey: ‘Belarus recognizes de facto status of Crimea’

2016.04.08 08:59

Russian paratroopers enjoy participating in war game in Belarus

2016.04.06 06:51

Poland-made globes with ‘Russian’ Crimea in Belarusian stores

2016.03.17 10:09

Foreign Ministry calls on Belarusian tourists to think twice before visiting Crimea