2019.11.13 13:56

Belarus FM: Russia is main ally, but we strive for good relations with EU

2019.10.29 13:06

NATO SecGen: Drills, US troops in Lithuania no threat to Belarus

2019.05.20 13:03

Visa facilitation agreement between Belarus and EU to be signed soon

2019.05.15 12:18 Video

Belarus FM in Brussels: ‘One country’ hinders our moving towards EU

2019.05.13 12:05

Belarus FM: Lukashenka will come to Brussels when time is right

2019.05.06 06:20

Makey to replace Lukashenka in Brussels

2019.03.13 08:58

Russia can no longer be considered EU strategic partner – MEPs

2019.03.05 14:09

FM about signing Belarus-EU Partnership Agreement

2017.11.24 11:29 Video

Protesters call Europe’s attention to disappeared Belarus politicians

2017.11.23 14:32 Photos

Brussels: Protest against EU rapprochement with Lukashenka

2017.11.15 15:26 Video

Will Lukashenka attend EaP summit? Intrigue remains

2017.11.14 12:25 Video

‘Legitimization’: Two ex-political prisoners criticizing EU for inviting Lukashenka to EaP summit

2017.08.17 12:07

Brussels: Picket against Russia-Belarus war game Zapad-2017 (photos)

2017.07.10 12:16

Brussels: Picket in support of political prisoners near Belarus embassy

2016.04.06 00:55

‘Normalization of relations’: Belarus-EU Coordination Group to meet in Brussels