100 years of BNR

2018.03.28 15:39

Mean trick? Someone damages opposition politician’s property ahead of Freedom Day

2018.03.26 14:41 Video

Belarus human rights community: At least 110 people detained on Freedom Day

2018.03.26 12:02 Video

Iconic Belarusian rock musician on Belsat

2018.03.25 13:19 Photos

From Chicago to Phuket: sports activities in honor of # 100BNR (map and photos)

2018.03.25 13:12 Photos

Freedom Day: Paddy wagons in downtown Minsk

2018.03.25 11:56

Belsat website under attack. Watch our Youtube broadcast

2018.03.25 11:26 Video

Belsat TV reporters grabbed by police in Minsk

2018.03.25 10:41 Video

BNR centennial celebrations live on Belsat

2018.03.25 10:34 Video

Freedom Day: Belsat TV crew detained; cameraman taken to mental hospital

2018.03.23 10:01 Photos

#100BNR: Let’s celebrate it together on Belsat

2018.03.22 15:14

Minsk: Activists detained for distributing invitations to authorised Freedom Day concert

2018.03.22 13:28 Video

‘Heroes Do Not Die’. Iconic musician’s new video premieres on Belsat TV

2018.03.21 10:38

Russians still afraid of losing Belarus – Lukashenka

2018.03.19 10:55

Reality starts with dreams: 100 years of Belarus’ nationhood proclamation

2018.03.16 08:02

Program of the March 25 BPR festival in Minsk