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2019.03.04 10:21

High-profile media case: Popular news portal editor-in chief heavily fined

2019.02.27 07:44

OSCE reacts to punishment requested for Maryna Zolatava

2019.02.18 12:38

BelTA case: Investigators use intimidated journo’s Telegram account

2019.02.18 06:52 editor Ulasik claims she was told to slander Zolatava

2019.02.12 08:08

State-run news agency vs iconic media outlet: Editor-in-chief on trial in Minsk

2019.01.30 16:29

High-profile case: Popular news portal chief editor to stand trial soon

2019.01.11 17:18

Minsk: Case of popular news portal editor-in-chief submitted to court

2019.01.03 10:50

BelTA case: Popular news portal editor-in-chief remains single defendant

2018.11.30 06:09

Single defendant remaining in ‘BelTA case’

2018.11.23 07:59 chief editor charged

2018.11.06 08:58

BelTA copyright infringement case: First charges brought

2018.09.28 13:05 Video

BelTA case: Big news portal editor denies attempted recruitment

2018.09.26 16:24 Video

BelTA case: Independent news agency employees interrogated en masse

2018.09.26 05:46 Video

TUT.BY editor opens up about police pressure

2018.09.06 11:58

Lukashenka awards investigators involved in case against independent media