Belsat TV journalists

2018.04.20 16:11

No use appearing before puppet judges – Belsat TV contributor

2018.03.20 13:31 Video

Never a moment’s peace: Belsat TV contributor summoned to court

2018.02.26 13:29 Video

‘No conflict of law’. Constitutional Court dismisses appeal by Belsat TV contributors

2018.02.21 06:30

Volha Czajczyc and Andrus Kozel fined for story about their own trial

2018.02.19 10:24

Minsk police accuse battered Belsat TV cameraman of disobedience

2018.02.08 12:07 Video

Trial of Silich: Minsk court confiscates Belsat TV equipment

2018.01.10 08:12 Video

Pastavy: Belsat TV contributor fined

2017.12.07 15:54 Video

Belarus police picking up evidence against Belsat TV contributor

2017.12.05 07:00

Minsk: Belsat TV contributors heavily fined

2017.11.30 16:14 Video

Minsk: Belsat TV contributors to appear in court for covering trials of protesters

2017.11.29 10:39 Video

Independent journalist to be tried twice for contributing to Belsat TV

2017.10.09 08:21

Petition demanding Belsat TV broadcasting in Belarus appears on web

2017.07.11 09:14

Belsat TV contributor heavily fined for making news story

2017.07.09 07:12

Journalist Kastus Zhukouski on trial again

2016.02.05 12:07 Інфаграфіка

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