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2016.01.18 23:29 Video

Heavy fine imposed on Belsat TV contributor. Another trial looming

2016.01.06 08:20 Дакумент

Police draw up protocols upon Belsat TV contributor

2016.01.04 12:30

Police resume persecution of freelance journalist Larysa Shchyrakova

2015.12.18 10:14 Video

Mahiliou: Local official attempts to ban Belsat TV journalists from covering public event

2015.12.17 07:04

State-run TV turns blind eye to Alexievich while Belsat shows all – Belarus Nobel laureate’s countrymen

2015.12.15 07:36 Video

First leader of independent Belarus and Belavezha Accords signer turns 81

2015.12.14 07:08 Photos

Belsat TV celebrates 8th birthday in Minsk and Warsaw, awards best authors

2015.12.11 07:53 Video

“It would be the first time when I kissed a Nobel laureate!” World sends greetings to Alexievich

2015.12.09 10:47 Video

Nobel Prize in Literature 2015: If Alexievich’s works were … music (+video)

2015.12.03 14:45 Video

Lukashenka-run TV keeps aloof: Belsat the only Belarusian channel to show Alexievich receiving Nobel Prize

2015.11.30 18:50 Video

State TV ignoring Belarusian Nobel laureate. Belsat to air 2015 award ceremony

2015.11.03 12:27

Belsat TV director wins Ukraine’s Igor Lubchenko prize for defending freedom of speech

2015.10.23 09:36 Video

‘Filming forbidden!’: Aggressive blonde gets in the way of Belsat TV journalists (video)

2015.09.08 10:04

How will voting results change our life? Pre-election debates on Belsat TV

2015.08.24 20:05 Video

I set to ‘wind back’ election-2015. Belsat TV interviews Mikalai Statkevich