Belsat TV

2016.03.03 23:41 Video

Belsat to air film about Ukrainian pilot. +Text of Savchenko’s last plea postponed by Russian court

2016.03.01 10:11

UN Human Rights Committee registers complaint by Belsat TV contributor

2016.02.29 14:50

Volunteers, documentary by Belsat TV

2016.02.29 14:43

Crimean Trap, report by Belsat TV

2016.02.29 14:37

Revolution. Deadline, report

2016.02.26 08:20 Video

Two years on: How Russia started invading Crimea (first footage + Belsat TV report)

2016.02.25 08:37 Video

‘The War of Volunteers’: Belsat TV film about conflict in Donbas now in English

2016.02.24 11:05

Reprisals still in progress in Belarus: Belsat TV mentioned in Amnesty International report

2016.02.15 09:38

Participants of entrepreneurs’ protest action demand Belsat TV accreditation

2016.02.12 07:51 Video

‘Polite people’: How Minsk police prevent Belarus journos from working (video)

2016.02.10 10:43

No changes in dismal human rights situation in Belarus. Belsat TV in UN Rapporteur’s statement

2016.02.05 12:42 Video

Belsat TV premiere: ‘Syarozha’ – documentary about Belarusian in Poland

2016.02.04 12:55 Video

Belarusian regime keeps persecuting Homiel journalists

2016.02.02 13:10 Video

Belsat TV documentary wins award as best premiere

2016.01.21 06:45 Video

2nd sentence in 2016: Kastus Zhukouski fined for reporting for Belsat TV