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2020.01.02 11:51

Best photos of in 2019

2019.12.11 16:22

Many happy returns! Belsat taking congratulations

2019.12.11 13:30

Belsat TV employee Karolina Rusinowicz passes away

2019.12.10 04:00 Video

12th anniversary: Major Belsat achievements of 2019

2019.12.05 07:55

Three films made with participation of Belsat to be screened in Moscow and St. Petersburg

2019.11.27 15:23

Elections over: Belsat TV contributors to stand trial

2019.10.03 05:21

PEN International calls on Belarus to use Belarusian language

2019.09.30 13:40

The Fan: Belsat TV documentary awarded at Fact Art Festival

2019.09.02 04:00

Belsat now has its own train! Let’s go!

2019.07.31 10:01

Brest court fines Belsat TV contributors in absentia

2019.07.12 13:28

Belsat TV contributors to pay fine to state budget

2019.06.26 05:46

Typical Belsat viewer speaks Russian, appreciates Belarusian language and advocates integration with EU

2019.06.25 15:26

Belsat TV statement regarding Press Club Belarus monitoring report

2019.06.18 15:01

Belsat TV Director awarded with Belarusian Democratic Republic 100th Jubilee Medal

2019.06.06 13:14

‘If you see Belsat journos, call the police.’ Belarus authorities playing safe?