Belsat TV documentaries

Ostarbeiter Women
The protagonists of the film are “Ostarbeiter women”, women deported from occupied Belarus to Germany to perform forced labor during World War II. There were over 200,000 of them, and only a few hundred are still alive today. The protagonists of the film are between 83 and 99 years old and most of them have never shared their personal stories in public.
Colours of the Nation
The white-red-white flag like never before has become a national symbol in the defence of which people are ready to sacrifice themselves. September 2020 to February 2021 is a crucial time for Belarusians, when for the historic white-red-white national symbols one can now be punished not only with an unreasonably high fine but also with death.
Belsat movie to screen at festival in Spain
he short film “I Need the Handshakes” by Andrei Kutsila is in the program of the International Film Festival in Spain.
Orthodox Easter on Belsat TV: Church service live
On the night of April 19, Belsat TV will air a festive service from an Orthodox temple in Poland for our viewers who base their Easter day on the Julian calendar.
The Repressed Architecture
One can learn about different epochs – pre-revolutionary, Soviet, and even up-to-date – just looking at Stanislau Shabuneuski’s buildings.
The Yellow Flowers
Hanna Sosna (née Shyshla) is 70 years old. She lives in Vilnius, and has a happy life, a house and a daughter. But Hanna has a dream she was afraid of speaking out loud about until recently. She would like to visit the place where she was born very much.
The Church On A Cross
The fate of each character of Belsat TV documentary The Church on the Cross may provide a plotline worthy of a Hollywood movie.
A Way. Documentary about Belsat TV
Belsat TV is an unusual project which has been connecting Poland and Belarus over the past decade