Belarusians in Donbas

2019.01.04 08:10

DNR militant sentenced for 18 months in prison in Belarus, but not for fighting in Donbas

2018.10.10 13:38

2017: Five criminal cases opened over Belarusians’ participating in armed conflicts – FM

2018.08.15 11:34

For the first time: Belarus-born separatist arrested in Ukraine

2018.02.08 14:51

Belarus peacekeepers and USA as party to talks – FM about resolving conflict in Donbas

2017.09.27 16:32

‘I knew I’d walk free!’ Belarus-born Donbas separatist sentenced to 2 years of freedom restriction

2017.08.18 10:27

Volunteer fighters about Belarus’ trade with Russia-backed separatists: ‘We’ll take measures’