Belarusians at Ukrainian war

2017.02.17 16:05

Belarus volunteer fighter holds meetings with Ukrainian youth

2017.02.08 12:14

Many Belarusians want to fight for Ukraine as our country may be attacked next – volunteer

2016.11.15 10:36

Volunteers of tactical group ‘Belarus’ posthumously awarded in Ukraine’s Cherkasy

2016.09.27 12:40 Video

Sad birthday: Monument to Belarus volunteer fighter for Ukraine opened in Brest

2016.09.20 08:27

‘My war-horse and I’: Belarusians drive Russian military machines in occupied Luhansk

2016.08.29 11:24

Monument to Belarusian volunteer fighter for Ukraine erected in Brest

2016.08.23 10:52 interview

Poroshenko makes mistake not granting citizenship to volunteers – Ukraine MP

2016.08.22 10:24 interview

Belarus volunteers who fought for Ukraine seeking asylum in Poland

2016.07.06 15:43 Video

Ex-envoy Bezsmertnyi to Belsat: Russia will not ask Belarus for permission to attack Ukraine

2016.06.29 12:02 Расследаванне

Fighting for Russia in Ukraine, Syria: Belarusian’s way to death

2016.05.26 11:31

Belarusian volunteer fighter injured in Donbas

2016.05.17 09:11

Belarusian KGB denies reports about deportation of Ukrainian volunteer fighter

2016.05.13 14:51

Ukrainian MPs inform PACE, Council of Europe of Belarus’ keeping them out of country

2016.05.12 10:19

Volunteer fighters may bring trouble to Belarus from Ukraine – Interior Minister

2016.05.05 09:10 Дадалося выніковае відэа

Minsk: Belarusian fighter for Ukraine sentenced to 5 years in jail