Belarusian language

2019.10.25 09:15

Lukashenka puts Belarusian language as his native in census form

2019.10.18 06:12

Online appeal for studying Belarusian Latin script at school

2019.10.03 05:21

PEN International calls on Belarus to use Belarusian language

2019.09.24 09:05

Belarusization vs censorship: Forrest Gump dressed in vyshyvanka unwelcome in Minsk Metro

2019.09.09 05:36

Belarusian Orthodox Church opens Belarusian language courses in Moscow

2019.05.29 08:37

Svetlana Alexievich opens up about her native language and culture

2019.04.16 06:51

History is made as YouTube awards Belarusian-language channel

2019.03.14 14:50 Video

Vilnius: There will be Belarusian language on monument to January uprising participants

2019.02.21 15:04 Video

Closer to real you: How Belsat helps people

2019.02.20 08:53 Video

Let’s Be Belarusians: Concert on Mother Language Day

2019.02.11 11:35

Envoy warns against ‘anti-Russian indoctrination’ in Belarus, including Belsat TV

2019.02.06 09:33

Belsat launches campaign to improve de facto status of Belarusian language

2019.02.04 10:31

Translator of Bible into Belarusian language Vasil Syomukha dies at 83

2019.01.29 11:32

Belarussianization of TV coming soon – top official

2019.01.15 11:06

Opposition party pushes for cutdown on Russia-made TV shows in Belarus