2019.05.10 13:41

Hotline for journos: Watchdogs press for safe reporting during 2nd European Games

2019.03.19 09:41

Harlem Désir’s visit to Belarus: OSCE monitoring independent journos’ situation

2018.11.30 14:17

Minsk: Popular news portal editor-in-chief still defendant in notorious case

2018.06.18 10:09

Legislative amendments further restrict media in Belarus – OSCE

2017.12.12 15:34

Journalists beaten and fined, their equipment damaged. No violations found by Supreme Court

2017.11.30 11:57

Kremlin mouthpiece Russia Today stripped of accreditation in US Congress

2017.11.29 10:39 Video

Independent journalist to be tried twice for contributing to Belsat TV

2017.11.23 12:11 Video

Minsk: Belsat TV contributors facing another trial

2017.10.23 11:15

Russia: Echo of Moscow radio presenter stabbed at work

2017.09.27 08:34

Sad record: Belsat TV contributor to face two trials today

2017.09.21 07:19

‘Belsat’ journalists under police pressure for reporting closure of Minsk school

2017.08.25 12:15 Video

Heavy fines: Trials of four Belsat TV journalists today

2017.08.18 12:55

Lukashenka teaches reporters how to reap harvest with sickle (photos)

2017.08.05 08:23

Journalist on trial for house demolition story (upd)

2017.08.03 14:06

Police fabricate evidence? Cameraman tried for Belsat TV logo on camera