Belarusian CEC

CEC says texts about postponed referendum fake
The CEC’s Telegram channel finally responded to text messages sent to voters
Belarus CEC head explained why voting abroad was canceled
He gave a number of reasons for it
Lidziya Yarmoshyna replaced as head of CEC after 25 years in office
Yarmoshyna took this poat in 1996
Unburnt opposition ballots found in Brest
The unburnt opposition ballots in Brest may indicate that the authorities are preparing to recount the votes.
Belarusian CEC publishes preliminary election results
Due to the current Internet shutdown in Belarus, has no access to the official website of the Belarusian Central Election Commission.
CEC chair calls independent vote count platform Voice 'criminal project'
According to Yarmoshyna, any advertising of this project is “illegal”.
Election authorities: Early voters’ turnout hits 32%
On Saturday morning, Belarus’ Central Election Commission (CEC) has published the official turnout data for the four days of early voting.
Over 22% cast ballots over three early voting days, election officials claim
On Friday morning, Belarus’ Central Election Commission (CEC) has published the official turnout data for the first three days of early voting.
Babaryka's headquarters issues statement about rejected signatures
They recorded a video address.
Valer Tsapkala: I will fight for every signature
The former head of the HTP plans to appeal against the decision of the commissions.
And then there are six: Hi Tech Park founder denied presidential candidate registration
Valery Tsapkala will no longer take part in the presidential race. After the check conducted by the Central Election Commission (CEC), only 75,000 signatures collected for his presidency nomination have been accepted as valid.
Valer Tsapkala: Nobody has right to be above law
The former head of the HTP, Valer Tsapkala, today applied for registration as a presidential candidate.
No more photos of commission members and voters without permission, CEC says
Now it will only be possible to do so in a specially authorized place.