Armed Forces

2019.02.21 14:01

Belarusian army to remain partners with Russia’s, but improve relations with NATO

2019.01.29 12:30

Belarus army’s combat readiness check kicks off – MoD

2018.12.28 09:00

Military drill to be held in Vitsebsk region in 2019 involving over 200 reservists

2018.11.09 10:49

Belarus 17th in Business Insider’s top 25 most powerful European armies

2018.06.21 13:23

Latest Belarusian anti-tank robot to be shown at Minsk parade

2018.05.01 06:30 Video

Belarus and Russia preparing large-scale military exercises ‘Union Shield’

2018.04.26 18:02 Video

War game in Brest region: ‘Syrian wall’ and make-believe martial law