2019.09.13 12:56 Video

4K Belarusians involved: Union Shield military drills kick off in Russia

2019.09.10 06:53

President of Lithuania wants border with Belarus, not Russia

2019.09.05 16:03

Belarus and Russia to launch common markets in 2021

2019.08.30 13:43

Putin has Lukashenka’s birthday wrong?

2019.08.15 12:30

Over 4K Belarusian soldiers to take part in Union Shield drills in Russia

2019.08.12 06:57

Belarusian section of Surgut-Polatsk pipeline cleaned of dirty oil

2019.08.10 14:13

Russian military-patriotic TV channel allowed to broadcast in Belarus

2019.07.24 09:30

Belarusian apples entering Russian market again

2019.07.19 07:55

Lukashenka set to put integration off till December

2019.07.12 10:51

Belarus, Russia may scrap roaming charges in two months

2019.07.10 06:11 Updated

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service head visits Brest speaking about US threat

2019.07.10 05:58

Moscow adamant to finish integration talks before discussing gas price for Belarus

2019.07.09 11:45

Lukashenka about Union State: We do not cross lines drawn

2019.07.05 05:43

Two suspects detained over fireworks explosion in Minsk

2019.07.03 15:12

Putin set to discuss ‘close integration’ with ‘closest ally’ in two weeks