Belarus NPP

2020.01.10 14:03 Video

Main task of Lukashenka in relations with West in 2020 (ENG video)

2019.12.24 04:18

Lithuania further restricts purchase of electricity from BelNPP

2019.11.23 15:19

Ukraine has no plans to buy electricity from BelNPP

2019.11.08 15:58

Belarus–EU agreement depends on BelNPP solution

2019.10.17 09:06

Lithuania may outlaw purchasing electricity from Belarus NPP

2019.10.14 12:06

Fuel to be delivered to Belarus NPP in 2019 – minister

2019.10.09 16:44

Physical launch of Belarus NPP first unit may take place in January

2019.10.08 09:25

US could provide Belarus NPP with fuel – energy official

2019.10.03 06:29

Minsk set to change payment terms of Russian loan for NPP construction

2019.10.03 06:19

Lithuania prepares for BelNPP accident (photo story)

2019.10.01 12:22

Text messages and sirens: Lithuania tests preparedness for Belarus NPP incident

2019.09.26 06:06

Rosatom says first BelNPP unit is 97% ready but PM Rumas has questions

2019.09.23 13:52

Ventilation defects at BelNPP may lead to ‘whole system failure’

2019.08.16 13:31

PM denies information about Latvia’s intention to buy electricity from Belarus NPP

2019.08.15 09:01

Latvia may skirt Lithuania and buy Belarus NPP electricity – media