Belarus-European Union

2019.10.17 14:04

Russia should not treat its main ally as enemy – Lukashenka

2019.02.19 08:30

PM Rumas: Belarus-EU agreement needs to be signed as soon as possible

2018.12.17 14:34 Video

Elections not far off: EU calls on Belarus to reform electoral law

2018.11.06 11:48

Belarus authorities’ grasp of reform is a bit different – EU Delegation Head

2018.10.31 08:46

Economy as priority? EU Commissioner, Prime Minister discuss Belarus-EaP relations

2018.04.13 11:59 Video

Russia or EU: Which is better partner for Belarus?

2017.12.18 22:55

MIA: agreement between Belarus and EU on readmission fully harmonized

2017.12.11 11:29 Video

In search of ‘opportunities’: Belarus, EU may sign agreement on partnership priorities in 2018

2017.11.14 12:25 Video

‘Legitimization’: Two ex-political prisoners criticizing EU for inviting Lukashenka to EaP summit

2017.11.13 09:33 Video

EU-Belarus cooperation program to be adopted at EaP summit – French envoy

2017.07.12 06:11

We have normalized relations with EU — Lukashenka

2017.04.06 15:44

Honeymoon over? EU may impose new sanctions on Belarus – MEPs’ resolution

2017.04.04 13:08

EU making macrofinancial assistance to Belarus conditional on human rights respect

2016.11.18 14:41

EU Political and Security Committee to visit Belarus

2016.10.27 12:34

Belarus seeks full normalization of relations with EU, but on principles of equality – MFA