2018.04.11 11:23

Authorities threaten to take Belsat TV journos to court by force

2017.08.09 12:25

Thinly veiled: Minsk court refers back case of Belsat TV cameraman

2017.08.03 14:06

Police fabricate evidence? Cameraman tried for Belsat TV logo on camera

2017.07.31 14:47

Supreme Court official recommends Belsat TV journalist to appeal to higher court

2017.04.05 05:55

Minsk court dismisses appeal of jailed Belsat TV journalist

2017.03.31 13:55

Arrested Belsat TV cameraman fails to stop hunger-striking in jail

2017.03.12 17:28

Belsat TV cameraman detained, fined after filming Russia tricolors in Belarus police car (video)

2017.03.12 16:55

Protest in Orsha: Belsat TV journalist arrested by police (ENG video)