Astravets NPP

2019.10.09 16:44

Physical launch of Belarus NPP first unit may take place in January

2019.10.01 12:22

Text messages and sirens: Lithuania tests preparedness for Belarus NPP incident

2019.09.30 10:55

No turning back? Belarus is 97% ready to launch NPP

2019.09.23 13:52

Ventilation defects at BelNPP may lead to ‘whole system failure’

2019.08.16 13:31

PM denies information about Latvia’s intention to buy electricity from Belarus NPP

2019.08.13 10:41

Craneman dies at Belarus NPP construction site

2019.08.12 09:26

BelNPP to hold nuclear emergency drills in October

2019.05.21 06:28

Teenagers to take part in Astravets infrastructure construction

2019.04.11 11:24

First power unit of Belarusian NPP to be launched soon

2019.02.12 12:30 Video

Russia treats Belarus as enemy, foreign intelligence report claims / ENG video

2019.01.15 05:59

Lukashenka signs decree defining liability for nuclear incidents at Belarusian NPP

2019.01.14 08:22 Video

Spent nuclear fuel of Belarusian NPP to be stored in Belarus

2018.11.25 10:30

NPP in Astravets ready to import nuclear fuel early next year

2018.10.11 12:40

Remembering Chernobyl: Lithuania maps out what to do in case of Belarus NPP accident

2018.09.24 07:29

Astravets NPP controversy