2017.03.20 08:55

Protests in Belarus: Repressions are live now

2017.03.17 11:13

Mahiliou: How policemen without uniform kidnap protesters (new video)

2017.03.16 12:51

Police Colonel: Belsat TV identifies man in charge of abducting protesters in Mahiliou

2017.03.16 12:08

Detainee Pavel Fadzeyeu: Belarus police beat people during arrests

2017.03.16 11:10

Belarus has as much democracy and human rights as EU, Lukashenka says on trials day

2017.03.15 10:29

Water cannons on Minsk streets: Police ready for protests

2017.03.15 09:58

Trials in progress: About 120 Belarusians jailed, fined for participating in protests

2017.03.14 10:13

Videoblogger who covered ‘parasite’ law protests sentenced to 15 days in jail

2017.03.12 17:28

Belsat TV cameraman detained, fined after filming Russia tricolors in Belarus police car (video)

2017.03.12 16:55

Protest in Orsha: Belsat TV journalist arrested by police (ENG video)

2017.03.08 11:41

Seeming liberalization. Belarusian authorities arrest, fine, suppress again

2017.03.07 13:04

Belarus thaw goes full blast: Kurapaty defender arrested for 3 days

2016.12.09 15:15

Third arrestee in a week: Hunt for ‘Russian World’ adherents in Belarus?

2016.09.09 07:39 Video

Activist abducted by Belarus police: ‘They said they just wanted to talk’

2016.09.08 15:49 Video

Minsk police prevent Belarus activists from picketing Russian embassy