Belarusian troops may join attack on Ukraine
The Kremlin insists on it
Ukraine increases number of Armed Forces and wants to cancel conscription
The changes will take place over the next three years
'Training centre': Some Russian troops, planes to remain in Belarus even after Zapad-2021 drills
On Friday, the joint strategic drills Zapad 2021 have kicked off. Up to 200,000 military personnel are taking part in the wargame that is to last until September, 16. However, only 12,800 servicemen are to be involved in it on the territory ofBelarus, 2,500 of them are Russian soldiers, up to 50 are from Kazakhstan.
Joint military exercises of Russia and Belarus to be held in March
Belarus and Russia plan to hold joint military exercises
What do Russia’s security services cost to run? (ENG explainer)
According to the Russian ministry of finance, $250 million could be saved annually if the interior ministry reduced its staff by 10%. The finance ministry also proposed to cut the army by 10%, or around 100,000 people. How many security services does Russia have, and what do they cost to maintain?
Russia's Defense Minister accuses West of attempts to stage coup in Belarus
The Western countries are trying to exert their influence over the situation in Belarus, Sergei Shoigu said during the joint meeting of Russia’s and Belarus’ defense ministries.
Belarus regime uses bogus NATO threat to justify violence against own people – Stoltenberg
The Belarusian authorities are trying to shift the focus from domestic to external issues by using NATO as a kind of excuse for persecuting peaceful protesters and political opposition in Belarus, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday ahead of the informal meeting with EU Defence Ministers in Berlin.
Belarus MoD scrambles helicopters against ‘anti-state’ balloons, Lithuania reports border violation
Around 7:30 pm on August 23, , the Belarusian air forces and air defense forces ‘thwarted a provocation on the part of the Republic of Lithuania’ not far from the village of Valkaushchyzna (Oshmyany district), the Belarusian MoD reported on Monday morning.
Belarus MoD threatens protesters with clashes with army ‘if peace is disturbed’
People who are waving white-red-white flags will be barred from ‘desecrating’ World War Two monuments and memorial places, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktar Khrenin said on August, 23.
FSB and mercenaries as forbidden ground? Russian military expert convicted of treason
A court in St. Petersburg sentenced Vladimir Neyelov, an expert studying in the activity of mercenary companies, to 7 years in prison. The 30-year man was accused of treason.
NATO forces’ withdrawal from Lithuania? Another disinfo attempt
On April 21, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry received a fake electronic message supposedly from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Someone apparently tried to mislead the military officials by falsely informing them of a decision to withdraw NATO forces from the country.
Response to NATO war game? Belarus army combat readiness test in progress
The floor testing of the combat readiness of the Belarusian armed forces has entered its active stage, i.e. integrated drills, the Defense Ministry reports.
U.S. group to inspect Belarusian military unit
A U.S. group will inspect a military unit of Belarus’ Armed Forces on March 2-5, the Belarusian Defense Ministry reports.