Andrus Kozel

2018.12.10 09:58 Video

Our 11th birthday: All 2018 Belsat awards laureates known

2018.07.16 06:57

Belsat journalists to lose car and property if they don’t pay fines

2018.04.04 15:05

Minsk court upholds guilty verdict to Belsat TV cameraman beaten by police

2018.03.25 09:34 Video

Freedom Day: Belsat TV crew detained; cameraman taken to mental hospital

2018.03.20 13:31 Video

Never a moment’s peace: Belsat TV contributor summoned to court

2018.03.07 12:12 Video

Beaten by police, fined in court: Belsat TV cameraman found guilty of disobedience at local elections

2018.03.05 13:10 Video

Never-ceasing pressure: Belsat TV contributors fined again

2018.02.26 13:29 Video

‘No conflict of law’. Constitutional Court dismisses appeal by Belsat TV contributors

2018.02.26 10:28

Noodle picket. Minsk activists slam Information Ministry for spinning yarns

2018.02.21 15:01 Video

Belarus minister praises police’s work during elections. Who to blame for beating Belsat cameraman?

2018.02.21 06:30

Volha Czajczyc and Andrus Kozel fined for story about their own trial

2018.02.19 16:37 Video

Case sent back: Belsat TV contributor beaten by police at liberty

2018.02.19 10:24

Minsk police accuse battered Belsat TV cameraman of disobedience

2018.01.30 17:24

Standing up for journo rights. Belsat TV contributors appeal to Constitutional Court

2017.12.07 03:25

‘Belsat TV’ reporter Volha Czajczyc not afraid of courts and fines