Andrey Savinykh

MP Savinykh to Belarusian IT specialists: either work for Belarusian economy or leave
According to the official, IT-specialists and firms that do not start working in the Belarusian market will be forced to leave.
Belarusian MP seeks to tighten laws on 'foreign agents'
A round table about foreign agents was held in the Russian Federation, the Belarusian deputy asked to “share the best practices”.
‘Epidemiological situation’. OSCE PA observers not to attend presidential election in Belarus
The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly will not send observers to the upcoming presidential election in Belarus, Andrey Savinykh, Chairman of the Standing Committee on International Affairs of the House of Representatives, said on Tuesday.
MPs may ratify Belarus-EU visa facilitation agreement in early April
Belarusian lawmakers intend to ratify the visa facilitation and readmission agreements with the European Union at the opening of the spring session of the House of Representatives, Andrey Savinykh, Chairman of the parliamentary committee for internatonal affairs, said.
Belarus may ratify visa facilitation agreement with EU soon - MP
Minsk is about to take all necessary measures to help Belarusians get cheaper EU visas, Andrey Savinykh, Chairman of the parliamentary commission for foreign affairs, said on the air of ONT. On January 8, the European Union and Belarus signed long-hoped-for agreements on visa facilitation and readmission.